- JANCIS ROBINSON: "Tatomer is most unusual for California in its focus on Germanic varieties. Graham Tatomer has been working in Santa Barbara wineries since his schooldays and at one stage moved to Austria, where he worked at Emmerich Knoll before starting his own label back home in 2006."

- STUART PIGOTT: "There is a very special backstory to these wines and the equally distinctive Grüner Veltliners from Tatomer Wines (Meeresboden and Paragon Vineyard, both $28 direct from the winery), and it begins in the village of Loiben in the Wachau, Austria where Graham, pictured above, went to learn and work in 2003. There a love of Grooner was added to his fascination with Riesling. After he returned to California he founded his winery in 2008 and since then he has roughly tripled production to about 14,000 bottles per year. He uses grapes from some of the coolest sites in the entire county to makes his three single vineyard Rieslings ($22 to $35 direct from the winery), and the result is some of the most daring whites being made in this part of the state.  Although I’m sure that the development of Graham’s white wine style hasn’t reached an endpoint, after making seven vintages of dry white wine from these grapes he’s already become something of a role model in the region."

- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, Jon Bonne: "Winemaker to Watch: Graham Tatomer: Tatomer's Austrian-inspired work has become a key symbol of the new Santa Barbara. His best Riesling comes from a spot not far from his new day job - the Kick-On Ranch along Los Alamos' Highway 135. The wine was dubbed Vandenberg in tribute to the vineyard's Air Force neighbor.
If Riesling, an important grape to California pioneers, has been struggling to make itself heard amid seas of Pinot Grigio and Moscato, Tatomer's versions are stoic and long-lived - wines of consequence.
As for Gruner, his big score was with the
John Sebastiano vineyard, a marine-soil site planted at the very edge of the Santa Rita Hills. Tatomer all but had to plead to keep the vines in the ground, but Sebastiano is one of those pivot points between the area's chill and more moderate Santa Ynez weather. His Meeresboden ("ocean soil") bottling, currently from that site, is the rare American Gruner to turn Austrian heads. And as it turns out, western Santa Barbara, with its extended growing season, is a smart place for a grape like Gruner, with a perfect balance of climate - few heat spikes and a long, mild growing season."

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Tatomer Grüner Veltliner Meeresboden 2018

26,90 € *
35,87 € pro 1 l

Tatomer Grüner Veltliner Paragon 2018

26,90 € *
35,87 € pro 1 l

Tatomer Pinot Noir Edna Valley 2018

34,90 € *
46,53 € pro 1 l

Tatomer Pinot Noir Kick-on Ranch 2018

55,00 € *
73,33 € pro 1 l

Tatomer Riesling Kick-on Ranch 2018

39,90 € *
53,20 € pro 1 l

Tatomer Riesling Vandenberg 2018

26,90 € *
35,87 € pro 1 l