Hirsch Estate

Hugh Johnson in „World of fine Wine“ über Hirsch:

„I can’t remember when I last reacted to tasting a new wine by getting into my car and setting off to find the vineyard. We were in the Napa Valley – St. Helena, to be exact, and the Grill Room at Meadowood to pin it down precisely. I’d been tasting lots of Cabernets and felt like a Pinot catch-up. I recognized the name HIRSCH from one or two good bottlings under others makers‘ names (…). Behind the times as ever, I didn’t know the farm is now a winery.

It was a stout Cortez moment. We sipped. We looked at each other with a wild surmise. Purity of fruit, firmness of purpose, a sense of place to set my satnav spinning. This was Pinot Noir of a kind I hab never seen, an I didn’t expect to see, in California. Nor in Burgundy, for that matter. I simply had to go and see where it came from. (…)“

94 Jeb Dunnuck, 92 Parkers WA;
75,00 € *
100,00 € pro 1 l
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