Lespault Martillac

Chateau Lespault Martillac gehört seit 2009 zu Domaine de Chevalier (Familie Bernard).

- Olivier Bernard: "Our goal from the very start was to make great wine thanks to Lespault-Martillac’s truly outstanding terroir and its old Merlot vines with low yields of superb fruit… To take advantage of these assets, we applied the same principles that are at the heart of our winemaking philosophy at Domaine de Chevalier: traditional viticultural practices inspired by biodynamics and constant observation in the vineyard to make the best choices in light of weather conditions during the growing season. This calls for ploughing the soil and a profound respect for the terroir and the environment as evidenced by the sparing use of chemical sprays, plot-by-plot vineyard management, etc…
We also had to do something about the old cellar, abandoned for over fifty years… So we undertook a far-reaching renovation that lasted a full year and now have a perfectly-functional facility adapted to the estate’s new ambitions. We nevertheless made sure to keep the old beams and the Roman sculpture on the wall symbolising the estate’s ancient history."

Die Rebfläche von Chateau Lespault Martillac beträgt 8 Hektar, von denen ein Hektar mit Weißen Rebsorten bestockt ist (60 % Merlot, 22 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 13 % Petit Verdot, 5 % Malbec und 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Semillon).


Weingut: Chateau Lespault Martillac

Menschen/Inhaber:  Familie Bernard

Region/Ort: Pessac Leognan

Betriebsgröße: 8 Hektar

94 J. Suckling; 93 J. Dunnuck; 93 R. Parkers Wine Advocate, L. Perrotti-Brown; 93 Winespectator, J. Molesworth; 91 Markus Del Monego; 90 Decanter, J. Anson; 17.5 WeinWisser; 92 Falstaff, P. Moser; 17 R. Gabriels Bord. Total, A. Kunz;
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39,87 € pro 1 l
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