Jim Barry

Jim Barry war einst der erste qualifizierte Winemaker im Clare Valley. Heute wird das Weingut von Peter und Sue Barry geführt, unterstützt von ihren Kindern Tom, Sam und Olivia.

- JIM BARRY: „Sometimes it takes longer than a lifetime to do a lifetime’s work … now it’s up to my childern.“

Der 28 Hektar große Armagh-Weinberg, zwei Kilometer nordwestlich von Clare gelegen, wurde 1964 von Jim und Nancy Barry gekauft. Das Land liegt – geteilt durch den Armagh-Fluss – auf Schwemmland, was selten ist für das Clare Valley, und auf Hügeln mit Nordwestausrichtung mit 397 m.ü.M.

3,3 Hektar dieses Landes wurden 1968 mit Shiraz bestockt und ausschließlich von hier kommen die Trauben für den Armagh Shiraz. Der Ertrag liegt unter 40 Hektoliter pro Hektar.

- NOTIZEN DES WEINGUTS: „Jim Barry The Armagh startet to hit its straps in the 2000s, during a transition period. The retirement of Mark Barry in 2002 provided Peter Barry and his sons Tom and Sam, who joined the business in 2010 and 2011 respectively, the opportunity to continue the dream. Although The Armagh style remains truw to Jim Barry’s original vision, advances in viticulture, winemaking and sustainable practices have seen refinements and new outlooks.
The introduction of new destemmers, the transition from American to French oak maturation and larger oak, including 500 litre puncheons in 2018, plus a few technical refinements to protect wine stability are probably the major differences. From 2008 onwards, The Armagh begins to show more fruit definition, density and structural precision. The French oak folds into the wine, rather than sitting under it. Like all great wines, there is a natural evolution that takes place with the ageing of vineyards, the transistion of generations, combined experience and contemporary outlooks. With winemakers Tom and sam Barry at the helm, The Armagh has become the wine that their grandfather Jim Barry first imagined. It possesses adistinct regional voice and signature house style.“


97 R. Parkers Wine Advocate, J. Czerwinski; 99 J. Suckling; 99 Decanter, J. Anson
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