Champagner-Verkostung: viele Punkte von Stephan Reinhardt

06.07.2016 11:59

„…The exciting thing about grower Champagnes is the pioneering spirit of the producers to discover the talents of every single parcel, and eventually to praise it in a single vineyard vintage Champagne Extra Brut or Brut Nature. Well, often enough, there are only a few hundred bottles produced of these beauties that don't aim so much for perfect balance, but authenticity - which means a true and as natural as possible expression of the terroir from which the grapes come. I can only encourage wine lovers to stay open minded, and drink and taste as much Champagne as possible. I tasted about 350 cuvées during my trips and I cannot remember a single really disappointing wine among them, but quite a lot of wines I'd love to have in my cellar (or better yet, in my fridge).“

Bewertete Champagner aus unserem Sortiment:



"...excellent quality and very promising."


Marc Hebrart

"...Hébrart seeks elegance in his wines and aims to balance the freshness of Chardonnay from the Côtes de Blancs with Pinot Noir from Mareuil."



"Gilles Lancelot produces lean, light, bright and crisp, spring-like Champagnes of remarkable purity and freshness. ..."


R. Pouillon et Fils

"...full-bodied and intense..."


Charles Heidsieck

"...very elegant and refined..."