Marc Hebrart Champagne Mes Favorites Vieilles Vignes 1er Cru NV

96 Tyson Stelzer; 93 R. Parkers Wine Advocate, W. Kelley; Vinum: "Preishit"; 92 Vinous, A. Galloni; 16,5 Vinum; 16,5 Gault & Millau; 16,5 Le Point
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- 16,5 Punkte VINUM World of Champagne Special 2021: "Explosive Aromatik, fruchtig, Obst; fülliger Auftakt, besitzt Tiefe und Rasse, weinig, Finale von ausgesprochener Länge, voller Rasse, toller fruchtiger, charaktervoller Champagner."

- 96 Punkte Tyson Stelzer’s Champagne Guide 2020: „Behind the village of Mareuil, directly under the vineyards, a sheer chalk cliff stands as a dramatic and stark testimony to the profound terroir that forms the bedrock of what is the greatest premier cru of all. To drink Jean-Paul Hébrart’s new cuvée is an equally profound experience of the confronting minerality of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. The ability of the deep roots of old vines to extract the chalk signature of the terroir of great sites is remarkable indeed, and Hébrart bores to the very core of the chalk of Mareuil. Old vines infuse sensational concentration, too, rippling and rumbling with layers of generous white peach, fig and layers of spice. Chalk brings dynamic freshness to this succulent generosity, holding pronounced persistence and impeccable line. It’s little wonder that these plots, Hébrart’s most representative of his village, are the closest to his heart. Mes Favorites, indeed. Mine too.“

- VINUM Champagner 2020:
"Interessantes Bouquet von Kräutern und Obst, würzige Noten auch; kompakter Ansatz, saftiger Bau, erfrischend, mit Rasse bei guter Länge, fruchtiger Ausklang; macht Spaß, unkompliziert und doch mit Charakter, für viele Gelegenheiten, Preishit."

- 93 Punkte Robert Parkers WINE ADVOCATE, William Kelley: "The NV Brut Premier Cru Mes Favorites Vieilles Vignes is a new cuvée for Hébrart that's well worth seeking out, derived from superior, south-facing sites in Mareuil-sur-Ay that also inform his Special Club bottling. The inaugural released, based on the 2014 vintage, is showing very well, wafting from the glass with aromas of apples, pears, tangerine, white flowers, spice and pastry cream. On the palate, it's medium to full-bodied, concentrated and nicely structured, with good cut and dry extract, as well as all the charm that defines the house style."

- 92 Punkte VINOUS, Antonio Galloni (11/2020):"The NV Brut Mes Favorites Villes Vignes is a blend of several lieux-dits in Mareuil, 60% 2014, 20% 2013 and 20% 2012. A gorgeous wine, the Favorites wraps around the palate with sumptuous depth as it reveals its considerable charms and allure. Readers will find a Champagne of wonderful immediacy that is easy to drink and enjoy with minimal fanfare. Kirsch, plum, spice and hazelnut accents linger with effortless grace. Dosage is 6.5 grams per liter. Disgorged: January 17, 2019."

- JEAN PAUL HEBRART: "Plots of land in our Domain for which I have a strong attachment, which represent the spirit and the heart of Mareuil sur Ay’s Terroir."

- 16,5 Punkte GAULT & MILLAU: "Superbe d'Equilibre. Cette cuvée, à majorité de pinot noir, n'est composée que de jus issus des parcelles du village de MAreuil-sur-Ay. Le nez oscille entre raisin frais et minéralite. La bouche est à l'avenant avec une sapidité, une fraîcheur citronnée et une presence nette. Finale très longue et salivante. Sans conteste l'une de nos cuvées favorites aussi."

- LA REVUE DU VIN DE FRANCE: "Le charactere de ce pinit noir (75% de l'assemblage) de Mareuil-sur_ay est bien identifie dans ce champagne intense en saveurs. Belle finale structure."

- 92 Punkte VINOUS, Antonio Galloni (12/2019): "The NV Brut Mes Favorites Vieilles Vignes is bright, punchy and precise, with terrific energy and plenty of cut. This is an especially chiseled style for a Pinot-based Champagne. Red berry, mint and wild flowers add beguiling nuance. The dosage feels a bit high, but there is plenty to discover for readers who can spend a little time. Mes Favorites is a blend of 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, both from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, 60% 2014, 20% 2013 and 20% 2012. Dosage is 6.5 grams per liter. Disgorged: September 14, 2018."

- TERRY THEISE 2019 Terry Theise Estate Selections Champagne:  "I have no idea why I’ve never done this for Champagne! Permit me to draw your attention to this short-list of indispensable masterpieces, some of which might have been below your radar.
HÉBRART “Mes Favorites”
HÉBRART 2014 Spécial Club
HÉBRART 2015 Les Noces de Craie
HÉBRART Selection NV
HÉBRART “Reserve”

- +++ TERRY THEISE 2019 Terry Theise Estate Selections Champagne: "The facts first—It is 75% PN from Mareuil, 25% Chard also from Mareuil. Old vines, massale selection. Deg 4/2018. 60% 2014, 20% 2013, 20% 2012. It’s from his favorite parcels in Mareuil—and is intended as a tribute to its terroir. It has a truly noble PN fragrance, leading to an utter masterpiece of weightless concentration, as huge and yet as penetrable as a cumulous cloud. Mareuil is clearly great but it’s also somewhat inscrutable; it has some of the malt of Aÿ, some Mirabelle confiture, an almost gingery spice and top notes of chalk. This wine has great, gossamer opulence."

- 16,5 Punkte LE POINT: "Vieilles vignes premier cru MAreuil-sur-Ay. Nez vanille, floral, bouche vive, tendue, fraiche, épicée, sous-bois, bonne amertume en finale."

- 92 Punkte VINOUS, Antonio Galloni (11/2021): The NV Brut Mes Favorites Villes Vignes is perfumed and quite airy in feel. The Mes Favorites is a pretty wine, but there is not exactly the depth or gravitas I expect to see in an old-vines bottling. Dried flowers, herbs, chamomile and citrus open nicely in a tasty, mid-weight Champagne from Marc Hébrart. Disgorged: August 28, 2019.“

Vinum: 16,5 VIN
Vinous: 92 VS
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Produkt: Champagner, Sekt & Co
Parker Wine Advocate: 93 RPWA
Rebsorte(n): Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Region: Champagne
Land: Frankreich
Klassifzierung: Premier Cru
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Reben: 75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay die Trauben stammen aus den Parzellen Faubourg d'Enfer, Pruche-Cotes, Haut de Varille, Croix Blanches-Maladrie, Beauregard, Ramonette, Buisson Saint Loup, Sente de Demoiselles
% vol Alk: 12,0
Säure g/l: 4,29000000
Dosage g/l: 6,0
Potenziell allergene Substanzen: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Gelatine und Milch enthalten.
Warnungen: Der Konsum von alkoholhaltigen Getränken während der Schwangerschaft kann selbst in geringen Mengen schwere Konsequenzen für die Gesundheit des Kindes nach sich ziehen.
Hersteller: Champagne Hebrart, 18 Rue du Pont, F-51160 Mareuil-sur-Ay
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