Turley - grandiose Weine

07.07.2016 10:51

Alte Reben“ und “Zinfandel“ sind wohl die beiden häufigsten Begriffe, die zur Sprache kommen, wenn es um Turley Wines geht.

Larry Turley hat ein Faible für Weine, die von alten Reben stammen: „Think of old vines as Experience. They know just what they need to do – and not more – to get there with the right stuff. If you talk to a young person, they’re energetic but not full of depth. Older, more thoughtful souls have more layers. They make you pause.“

Aus über 30 verschiedenen Weinbergen, die zum Teil noch mit Reben aus dem späten 18. Jahrhundert bestockt sind, stammen die Trauben für die Weine, die Larry Turley mit der Unterstützung von Teglan Passalacqua produziert.

Und Teglan Passalacqua ist eine Klasse für sich, denn er gilt als wandelndes menschliches Weinbau-Vademekum. Angefangen hat alles nach seinem Bachelor-Abschluss im Gesundheitswesen mit einem Job als Labortechniker bei der Napa Wine Company und der Abendschule für Weinbau und Oenologie am Napa Junior College. 2003 folgte dann ein Praktikum in Neuseeland bei Doug Wisor von Craggy Range. Von dort aus bewarb er sich bei Ehren Jordan, dem damaligen Winemaker bei Turley und dufte bei der Lese 2003 mithelfen. Schnell zeigte sich sein Talent im Weinberg und er wurde fest angestellt. Weitere Erfahrungen sammelte Tegan Passalacqua dann auch bei Alain Graillot an der Rhone und bei Eben Sadie in Südafrika. Schließlich wurde er 2013 dann Head Winemaker & Vineyard Manager.

2015 war Teglan Passalacqua WINEMAKER OF THE YEAR im San Francisco Chronicle.

“Larry Turley delivers rich, full-bodied reds that reflect his zest for life. For the past 20 years, the strongest hand at the Zinfandel wheel has been Larry Turley’s. Turley Wine Cellars, which released its first wines with the 1993 vintage, pioneered a plush, richly fruity style of Zinfandel that helped establish the varietal as a world-class contender. Turley’s Zins appear on America’s best restaurant wine lists, and the waiting time for a spot on his direct mail list rivals that of many cult Cabernet Sauvignon producers.“
(Winespectator 6/2013)

Robert Parker WINE ADVOCATE: "Probably no one in Northern California has done more for the renaissance and resurrection of old vine Zinfandel than Larry Turley. He started Turley Cellars after selling most of his interest in Frog’s Leap Winery to his original partner, John Williams. The Turley Cellars project was founded in 1993, and is now over 20 years of age. The great thing about Larry Turley is that he’s quick to admit he’s never met an old vine he’s not fond of. As a result, they farm and buy fruit from 35 different vineyards, with some of them dating back to the late 1800s, long before Prohibition. There are at least 30-plus separate wines, and some super-talented winemakers have worked for Turley – first Ehren Jordan and more recently Tegan Passalacqua. I have praised these wines from the beginning and, to my surprise, older vintages of 10 to 15 years – much older than I generally recommend drinking Zinfandel – have aged remarkably well. While Turley’s Petite Syrahs are probably 50-year wines, most of the Zinfandels are best drunk for their exuberant and robust fruit and personality in their first 8-10 years of life.
This iconic winery was one of the early pioneers in resurrecting old, head-pruned vineyards of Zinfandel, primarily in Northern and Central California, and continues on an impressive journey of quality, with both Zinfandels and a handful of Petite Sirahs. More recently, they have added Cabernet Sauvignons. It is hard not to be filled with admiration for what they have achieved over the last generation, continuing to push the envelope of quality while resurrecting and maintaining these extraordinary, as well as historic vineyard sites.

Zu den Weinen von Turley