- Notizen des Weinguts: „1985, Laguardia. A group of vine-growers, village men and women with rooted traditions and their focus on their vineyards and wines, found ARTADI.
In 1992 the Lacalle and Laorden family take control of the project. The obsession for vine growing and the cult to the vineyard led us to discover characteristics that define the personality of unique wines: wines which are a reflection of their origin.
(…) We keep alive the viticultural traditions of our ancestors, fighting against the destructive advances that chemistry has introduced into industrialized and disrespectful agricultural management. We aim to preserve the production and the enjoyment of a "living" wine, with feelings and spirituality, integrating nature and the vineyard in our own lives.“



Weingut: Artadi

Menschen/Inhaber: Familien Lacalle und Laorden

Region/Ort: Rioja