Der DECANTER über Littorai Wines

21.05.2019 11:56

Ein schöner Artikel über Littorai ist im DECANTER erschienen, hier ein Einblick:

DECANTER, Stephen Brook (Mai 2019): "Littorai: Sustainability on California’s north coast: The first American to work as a winemaker in Burgundy, Littorai’s founder Ted Lemon wanted to pursue old-world restraint and elegance in California when he returned to the USA, and so he and his wife Heidi identified the cool Sonoma and Mendocino Counties as the perfect locations to source grapes for their new project.

(...) It wasn’t until 2008 that they were able to build their own winery, (...) In the late 1990s they also turned to biodynamic farming, not out of dogma but because it seemed to work. (...) The common factor of all the sites they use is the cool conditions considered perfect for the Burgundian varieties Littorai produces.

Ted aims to produce terroir-focussed wines with moderate alcohols, modest oak influence and a structure that will ensure longevity.

‘From the start I wanted to make a restrained style of wine, so I was never in the Pinot Noir mainstream in California. But I didn’t want to replicate Burgundy. I took my European experience and then set it aside.’

(...) his vision, modesty, skill, and deeply held convictions have become a model to young winemakers from California, New Zealand and many other viticultural areas where he today acts as a consultant."

Den gesamten Artikel finden Sie HIER, Weine von Littorai unter diesem LINK.