Caymus Vineyards

1972 gründeten Chuck Wagner und seine Eltern Lorna und Charlie das Weingut. Chuck, der heute das Gut leitet, war damals erst 19 Jahre alt.

Caymus erzeugt zwei Cabernet Sauvignons, den “Napa Valley“ und den ehrwürdigen “Special Selection“. Beide haben ein Aroma und Bukett, das nur durch das lange Hängenlassen der Trauben am Stock erreicht werden kann - Ausdünnen und Abwarten gehören dazu.

Die Weinberge liegen mitten im Napa Valley auf mageren Böden und erstrecken sich sowohl über den Talboden als auch über die umliegenden Berge.

- Chuck, Charlie and Jenny Wagner: “We feel extremely fortunate to spend our days farming grapes and making wine, following a path laid out by past generations of our family. One of our biggest fortunes is sharing good company, great food and delicious wine.”



-, Leslie McMann: „Caymus Vineyards is a family-owned winery in the Napa Valley region of California. The winery was established in 1972 by the Wagner family and has since become one of the most renowned in the world. Caymus is best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, which has consistently received high ratings from wine critics and enthusiasts alike.“

-, Clay Dillow: „And then there’s Caymus. Arguably the United States’ best-known fine wine, Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon embodies what many consumers think of as the definitive Napa Cab — fruit-forward, rich, velvety, and round. It’s also the only American wine among CellarTracker’s top 10 most added wines of 2022, ranking seventh. Among the year’s most consumed wines it ranks an undisputed No. 1 despite the fact that almost nothing about Caymus is undisputed.“


Weingut: Caymus

Menschen/Inhaber: Familie Wagner

Region/Ort: Kalifornien, Napa Valley

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