Smith Madrone Estate Chardonnay 2016

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9/10 Vinography; 94 Purely Domestic Wine Report, D. Wilder

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- 9/10 Punkte VINOGRAPHY, Alder Yayrrow: "Light yellow-gold in the glass, this wine smells of lemon curd and a touch of caramelized oak. In the mouth, bright lemon curd flavors mix with a hint of butterscotch and toasted oak. As usual, this wine walks the line between the fresher, brighter style of Napa Chardonnay and old school richness. 14.4% alcohol. Score: around 9."

- 93 Punkte Terroirist, Isaac Baker, am 24. 8. 2019:
 „Light yellow color. Aromas of juicy yellow apples topped in complex notes of honey, almond, cinnamon, sea salt, hay and chalk dust. Deep texture on the palate with pretty acidity and lovely balance. Yellow apples, candied lemons, orange peel and apricot, juicy and fruity but also airy and elegant. Salty, minerals, chalky, with notes of honey, nougat and hay. Gorgeous, deep, yet vibrant. Another beautiful Chardonnay from Smith-Madrone. Barrel fermented with 80% new French oak. I’d love to age this for five years. (93 points)“

- Blog, Ellen Landis, am 30. Juli 2019:
„Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery was one of my first Napa “wow” wine experiences.  I visited them in my early years of wine study and appreciation while traversing Napa Valley with colleagues and savvy wine collector friends. It was an enlightening afternoon there, and the wines showed incredibly well, impressing the knowledgeable group assembled.  Founded in 1971 by Stuart Smith, the vineyards are situated at the top of Spring Mountain, on steep slopes at elevations up to 2,000 feet.  All their wines come from fruit rooted among their estate dry-farmed vineyards.  Today, brothers Stu and Charlie, and Stu’s son Sam, manage the property and tend to the winemaking, and they remain at the top of their game.
A brilliant hue captures the eye, and scents of lemon-splashed stone fruit awaken the nose as this sophisticated Chardonnay is poured from the bottle. Peach flavors are mirrored on the palate, melding with Honeycrisp apple, citrus, herbal accents, and beautiful oak spice nuances. Rich and mouth-filling, with perfect acidity offsetting the juicy fruit through the long memorable finish

- Blog The Syrah Queen, Rupal Shankar, am 28. August 2019:
„Charlie pointed out that their Chardonnay comes from the block right outside the cellars where we were tasting.  He very generously pours three vintages,  the 2012, 2014, and 2016.  It was wonderful to taste these wines side by side and see the evolution of these wines. The age-ability of the Smith-Madrone Chardonnay is remarkable, and the wines are definitely cellar-worthy.  Winemaking for Charlie is also about consistency year in and year out, these wines clearly exhibit quality through the vintages.  The 2014 was plush and rounder than the 2012, but the 2012 was incredible too. Charlie and I both were obsessing over the 2014.  It was delicious on the palate and showing very well right now.  The 2014 did not remind me of a Napa Valley Chardonnay, it was undeniably Burgundian in style.
I won’t bore you with tasting notes on each vintage, but I will make general observations regarding the Smith-Madrone Chardonnays. All three vintages were exceptional wines, each having a nice balance of oak.  I was blown away with the generous fruit, stony minerality, and zesty acidity.  Smith-Madrone wines are a classic example of a cool climate Chardonnay. The mouth was supple and rich – not rich in oak but rich in texture and flavors.

- Notizen des Weinguts: „The near perfect 2016 growing season started early and saw ideal weather conditions.This spectacular Chardonnay has a full, forward nose with complex notes of toasted hazelnut, white peaches and Meyer lemon. Admirably restrained oak. Beautiful mid-palate that is full and succulent without being the least bit heavy. Superbly integrated acidity. Overall the wine exhibits a remarkable structure that translates to a lip-smacking juiciness. Oursoils are mostly deep-red Aiken Stoney Clay loam, part of the Aiken, Kidd, Forward complex of soils which are volcanic-basedandwell-drained. The underlying geology is the very old (250,000,000 years) Franciscan Series Assemblage, unique to California coastal ranges, which includes altered mafic volcanic rocks, deep-sea radiolarian cherts, sandstones, limestones, serpentines, shales and high-pressure metamorphic rocks, all of them faulted and mixed in a seemingly chaotic manner as a result of the Pacific Tectonic Plate subducting under the Continental Plate and shears both off into an aggregate mix.Overlying this formation is the much youngerweathered Sonoma Volcanicsthat forms thesoils of today.All our wines are made entirely from ourdry-farmed estate vineyards surrounding the winery on top of Spring Mountain in the Napa Valley. Our goal is to make artisanal wines which are distinctive and are an expression of both the vintage and us, as vintners, but above all else, are wines which bring pleasure to the senses. Every year our wine is made from the same vineyards, pruned by the same people in the same way, cultivated in exactly the same manner and harvested at similar levels of maturity, yet Mother Nature stamps each vintage with a unique set of flavors, senses and character. Vintage dating is a celebration of that uniqueness and diversity.“

-, Michael Chelus: "This wine is 100% estate grown chardonnay. The wine showed a golden color. Apple, like zest, lemon and oak all arrived on the nose. Apple, blood orange, pithy lemon, limestone and oak followed on a palate where citrus stole the show. The wine exhibited good acidity and balance, along with good length and light-bodied. This wine would do well as an aperitif and would pair nicely with a stuffed turkey breast."

- 94 Punkte PURELY DOMESTIC WINE REPORT, Doug Wilder: "The nose is a deep, oily lemon and hazelnut with notes of dry chalk, buttercream, licorice, sap and whiffs of toffee. The palate entry is a lean, pure white pear and citrus with a core of mouth-coating peach and lemon cream. Exceptional mouthfeel and texture. Drink 2019 – 2027."

- 5 Sterne SANTA ROSA PRESS DEMOCRAT: "This is a tasty chardonnay with green apple and stone fruit upfront. Notes of grapefruit and spices play back up. Pitch-perfect balance. Lovely."

- WASHINGTON WINE BLOG: "Aromas of buttered popcorn and roasted hazelnuts offer intrigue on the nose. The freshness and power of the wine is fantastic as ripe vanilla cream and butterscotch flavors mingle with nutty and earthy undertones. The texture really impresses here as this beautiful wine will cellar well for the next decade, picking up tertiary characters as it ages. Drink 2019-2029"

- 94 Punkte FRED SWAN: "Smith-Madrone is an extremely reliable producer of excellent Chardonnay that is generous, but well-balanced. The wines have plenty of acidity, but are intended for relatively near-term enjoyment, rather than long aging. The 2016 is a great example of their style.
The nose is complex and beautiful. It’s bold out of the bottle, then mellows nicely in the glass. Aromas include just-ripe yellow apple and pear, baking spice, a chiffonade of mint, lightly toasted almond, and sweet cream. The palate is mouthwatering and features tangier fruit - lemon and green apple - along with the baking spice and sweet cream. Body is medium-plus and there’s the texture of fine, grippy silk holding everything together harmoniously. Drink now through 2022."

- JoS, verkostet im März 2020: "Kräftiges, strahlendes Goldgelb, mittlere Schlierenbildung; offenes Nasenbild, old-fashion Napa Valley, Anfangs präsente Streiholznoten, Aromen von fruchtigen, gelben Äpfeln, Birne, nicht ganz reife Ananas, reife Grapefruit, Butterkekse, viel Zitrusfrüchte, Limettenschale, geröstete Mandeln, nussige Anklänge, nasse Steine, erdige Anklänge; am Gaumen kraftvoll, cremige Textur und doch viel Frische, kräftige Säure die den Wein ausbalanciert und unter Spannung setzt, unterstützt von einer unheimlich salzigen Mineralität, hat Zzing, mundwässernd, viel Zitrus, enormer Zug, sehr tiefgründig, komplex, sehr langer, frischer Abgang, attraktiver Rückgeschmack; für mich ein toller Wein, ich liebe ihn; er verändert sich ständig, ist komplex, spannend und hoch interessant; unbedingt Dekantieren, Zalto Burgunder Glas! Am nächsten Tag nachverkstet: unverändert. Am dritten Tag nachverkostet: noch besser an als an den ersten beiden Tagen!"

Bewertungen für den Jahrgang 2015:
- 93 Punkte WINE ENTHUSIAST: "From the exceptional site atop Spring Mountain, this white is lovely and complex, a mix of sharp tangerine, orange and lime flavor that packs within its layers of fruit an undeniable thirst-quenching acidity. The oak is supportive and subtle, playing a supporting role with deft ability."

- 91 Punkte INTERNATIONAL WINEREPORT: "The 2015 Spring Mountain Chardonnay from Smith-Madrone was aged for 10 months in 80% new French oak prior to bottling. This wine opens with a bright bouquet of peach pit, Pazzaz apple and honeydew melon. There is lovely balance as the wine offers a wonderful sense of place. Pink Lady apple, banana and creme brûlée flavors impress as they linger on the fnish."
- California Grapevine (Januar 2018): "Highly Recommended. Medium-light golden yellow with notes of toasty, green apple and tropical fruit aroma. A medium-full body highlighted by apple, apricot, and pineapple flavors with firm acidity. This elegant wine has a creaminess and richness in the mouthfeel, with a note of stony minerality and a lingering finish."
- Charles Smith, Winemaker: "Really first-rate wines sometimes, almost magically, demonstrate qualities that seem mutually exclusive. How can a wine, for example, be both creamy and crisp simultaneously? Or be powerful and sleek, as well as edgy and inviting, all at the same time? The answer, of course, is that wine isn’t quite like anything else and the 2015 Smith-Madrone Chardonnay demonstrates this proposition in a particularly striking manner. It is all of the above and more. It is an especially delicious expression of the complexities of mountain fruit. If you enjoy Chardonnay we think you will agree that this wine is simply exceptional."
- Vinography, Alder Yarrow (April 2018): "Pale gold in the glass, this wine smells of lemon curd and buttered popcorn. In the mouth, wonderfully juicy flavors of lemon curd, candied grapefruit and a touch of butterscotch are positively electric with acidity. Phenomenally mouthwatering and delicious. There's oak at work here, but it plays mostly into the silky texture of the wine, leaving the rich fruit and the explosive acidity to shine. This wine is a great example of a middle path for California Chardonnay, one which displays sun-drenched richness but at the same time keeps with the tradition of high acidity freshness that we all expect in our Burgundian Chardonnays."
- International Wine Review, Michael Potashnik and Don Winkler (März 2018): "Medium straw in color, displays ripe apple and melon on the nose. It reveals prominent wood notes on the palate with orchard fruit flavors and has nice lingering intensity of flavor on the finish with good acidity showing throughout."
- Vineration, Brian Seeling (März 2018): "If you're too hip for Chardonnay, the vinous target of all mom jokes, you should rethink your position. The Smith Brothers craft an awesome Chardonnay. The new release, vintage 2015, is perfectly balanced with lush lemon, apple, and pear fruits, smooth body, and a precise amount of new oak. A whopping amount of acidity ensures this wine never even tip-toes near dullness, and the finish is as elegant as they come. This Chardonnay isn't your mom's Tuesday night crutch."
- The Intox Report, Chris Kassel (März 2018): "It stands to reason that the high-elevation hoodoo that produces such righteous Riesling might have something to say about Chardonnay as well. In fact, the sample of Smith-Madrone’s 2015 bears it out. Grown at sun-washed, 1,800-foot elevations and on slopes up to 34% grade, the Smith brothers have been harvesting Chardonnay from their estate for 47 years, and call 2015 ‘the most unusual harvest they’ve ever seen.’“To start with, there was no rain, and there have been enormous swings of temperature and of course, there have been fires. This was after a mild winter caused early bud break, followed by protracted bloom and cool weather in spring, which contributed to smaller grape clusters and variable crop size.  Despite the challenges, the color, flavor profiles and chemistry continue to impress us all.” #metoo. The wine offers beautiful tones of ripe citrus behind a crisp concentration of peach, candied lemon, and roasted cashew stone and excellent, resonating texture. Get it quick; only 512 cases made.
- Winethropology, Steve McIntosh (März 2018): "Majestic. High quality chardonnay in the classic California style. Intense tropical flavors with glycerine, heavy cream, and solid oak framing. Unapologetically statuesque, bold, and lingering, yet cleanly pressed and bearing all the hallmarks of quality winemaking; nary a stitch out of place. Can be (and best) enjoyed at cellar temperature to appreciate its full profundity."
- Grape-experiences, Cindy Rynning (Februar 2018): "Whenever I open a box that contains wines from Smith-Madrone, I’m always thrilled. Why? I’m assured that each wine is crafted with care, is always consistent with regards to quality, and is guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate. Anyone who loves wine will treasure each sip of a delectable choice from one of my favorite wineries.
Chardonnay aficionados will crave this latest release. The 2015 harvest began on August 27, a bit early, and was completed on September 16. Because of a mild winter that caused early bud break and a spring season that was cool, smaller grape clusters and variable crop size resulted. Only 512 cases were produced of this beautiful 100% Chardonnay. On the nose, I explored notes of pink grapefruit, bright citrus, pineapple, and tropical fruit. My palate burst with mouthwatering acidity, juicy citrus, a touch of honey and a creamy, yet crisp mouthfeel. The finish, lingering and complex, was remarkable. Aged for 10 months in 80% new French oak, this Chardonnay stuns."
- The Armchair Sommelier, Kirsten Georgi (Februar 2018): "100% Chardonnay.  Aged for 10 months in 80% new French oak.  The second I stuck my nose into this glass, I grinned from ear to ear.  Because I knew it was going to be an acid bomb.  A glorious, mouth-puckering acid bomb.  Laced with flavors of yellow apple, lemon meringue, minerals, and chamomile.  Elegant and edgy at the same time — kind of like Audrey Hepburn.  At 14.9% ABV, I feel like this should be “bigger”, but it’s so well constructed.  Gawd, this is good.  And, it’s only $34.  Seriously.  How is this possible for only $34??"
- Corkscrew Report, Johannes Marlena (Februar 2018): "For those interested in tasting how a mountain Chardonnay is different in its expression than an archetypal Napa Chardonnay, the Smith-Madrone mountain Chardonnay is a must-have and a relative steal. This is a mountain Chardonnay that’s vivacious, rich and footloose and free. Its color is a brilliant goldenrod, its character broad, buttery smooth, full-bodied and overflowing with flavor, with notes of jackfruit, ripe pineapple, wax, lemon verbena and toffee. Just a ton of personality. Impressively big and bold while structurally solid and high class. The wine’s finish is lengthy with broad tannins—stone fruit notes linger well into the next sip. A Napa Chardonnay that far, far exceeds in quality to its price point."
- Washington Post, Dave McIntyre (Februar 2018): "….take comfort in a luscious California chardonnay…
3 stars: Some chardonnays whack you in the face with an oak two-by-four. Smith-Madrone wraps you lovingly in a warm blanket."
- Terroir Review, Meg Houston Maker (Februar 2018): "Smith-Madrone barrel ferments their Spring Mountain Chardonnay in French oak, 80 percent new, and ages it for ten months. The results are both creamy (from the barrel) and zingy (from its high total acidity; 8 g/L, for the geeks). The aromatics mingle lime peel and grass with cultured cream and butter, plus toasted white spices like white pepper and nutmeg. The texture is juicy and refreshing, while its sluice of citrus and tart yellow stone fruits also carries waves of spice and caramel. It sounds ponderous, but the overall effect is deft. Given the wine’s substance I think it could age a few years, making it, at $34, a good investment. Pair it now with rich shellfish, roasted poultry, creamy young cheeses, or a charcuterie board."
- St. Helena Star, Catherine Bugue (Februar 2018): "This is the perfect Chardonnay to quell any disagreement over whether to pour an oak-influenced or a non-oaked Chardonnay wine. Smith Madrone beautifully melds the best of both worlds with their 2015 from Spring Mountain. Rich pear, and yellow and red apple fruits are supported, but not surpassed, by refined toasty, spicy (cinnamon, faint clove and fresh ginger) complexity."
- WineReviewOnline, Rich Cook (Februar 2018): "A gorgeous wine that reflects the great care and gentle approach in both vineyard and winery.  There's a deep complexity here, with lemon crème, soft apple, softer oak spice, and notes of granite and delicate herbs that are beautifully balanced, all dancing together through a blossoming finish that intensifies the flavors.  The best of the past few vintages is right here, and that's saying something!"
- Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Peg Melnik: "Knock-Out Chardonnays: A gorgeous chardonnay with lively notes of ripe apple, melon and mineral. It’s buoyed by bright acid and has a lingering finish. Supple texture. Striking."
- Bin Notes, L.M. Archer (Februar 2018): "Robe:  Pale gold robe. Nose:  Apricot, Nectarine, fleurs blanches. Palate: Light body, lush florals and stone fruit bouche, unctuous finish. Smith-Madrone wine represent the graceful soul of Old Napa combined with the unbreakable spirit of Napa Reborn – supple, approachable, with a powerful core of mountain je ne c’est quoi."
-, Isaac Baker (Februar 2018): "Rich golden color. Smells of yellow apples and pears, drizzled with lime, nougat, honeycomb, chalk dust, chamomile, mint — Wow! On the palate, this has such refreshing acidity but the texture is creamy and there’s this tingly mineral depth that is fascinating, superbly balanced. Lemon curd, apricot, yellow apple, rich but nuanced fruit along with honeysuckle, salted almond, chalk dust, saline, candle wax. Lively and precise but packed with flavor and finishes with stony minerals. Always a classic Napa Chard for me, but this vintage is exceptional. Barrel-fermented and aged 10 months in French oak, 80% new, and yes it's 14.9% alcohol but the balance is phenomenal."

Produkt: Weisswein
Jahrgang: 2016
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Land: Kalifornien USA
Rebsorte(n): Chardonnay
Region: Napa Valley
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Im Weinberg: 100% Estate Grown am Spring Mountain District Keine Bewässerung
Im Weinkeller: 10 Monate in Französischer Eiche (80% neu)
% vol Alk: 14,5
Potenziell allergene Substanzen: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Gelatine und Milch enthalten.
Importeur/Inverkehrbringer: Schreiblehner Wein bewegt, Gewerbepark Lindach B1, D-84489 Burghausen
Warnungen: Der Konsum von alkoholhaltigen Getränken während der Schwangerschaft kann selbst in geringen Mengen schwere Konsequenzen für die Gesundheit des Kindes nach sich ziehen.
Hersteller: Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery, PO Box 451, St. Helena, CA 94574, USA

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