Proidl Riesling Ried Pfeningberg 1. Lage 2013

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- 93 Punkte Robert Parkers WINE ADVOCATE, Stephan Reinhardt:"The monumental 2013 Riesling Pfenningberg Erste Lage comes from the same altitude like the Ehrenfels (230-270 meters) but a even warmer vineyard. According to the Erste Lagen cataloge this south-west site is the warmest spot in Senftenberg. The grapes were handpicked during the first week of November and fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. The color of the final wine is a brilliant white gold. Freshly poured one noses intense, super-matured Riesling berries which are highlighted by citrus aromas plus the piquant gravel and bedrock flavors that are characteristic for the Pfenningberg. On the palate this is a very powerful and opulent Riesling with lime aromas and the texture of sweet confiture. However, this wine is far from being broad in the mouth since the mineral structure, piquant acidity and salty finish transform it into a very complex and persistent wine with a great finish. A monument indeed. 2018-2026.

Franz Proidl lives and works in the picturesque village of Senftenberg which is located in the upper Kremstal right before conifers supersede the vines. The vines are grown just below the snow line between 250 and 330 meters above sea level on quite rocky gneiss and granite soils adjacent to the old castle that was once razed by the Swedish and sits enthroned above the Ehrenfels cru as well as on the old fashioned yet iconic labels of Franz Proidl's iconic wines. Everything is different here in Senftenberg and so is Franz Proidl. Cultivating 20 ha of vines (Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Traminer and others) he gives his wines the time they need and accepts malolactic fermentation even in his Rieslings. When in March delegates of the Austrian Traditionsweingüter (ÖTW) come along the road from Krems up through the Krems valley to Senftenberg to taste the new Erste Lage wines from crus like Ehrenfels, Pellingen or Pfenningberg Franz can only show them the dregs of the musts. His wines would only have recently started the second part of their long fermentation which can take up to 15 months. So in March 2014 he poured the delegation a wine that had just finished its fermentation: the 2012 Grüner Veltliner Gärtling, a wine with 14% of alcohol, 46 grams of residual sugar, 9 g/l of acidity and not a single botrytis berry. Proidl produced this extraordinary wine from 50 years old vines only three times prior in 1993, 1999 and 2006. Now again in 2012. The delegation was perplexed and remained quiet. Nevertheless the ÖTWs are very proud of their new member who cares much more about vines and wines than marketing. Franz Proidl always finds wine lovers who appreciate the wild and the unpredictable. Well, except of one wine – the late harvested 2013 Riesling Hochäcker stopped with 10 grams of residual sugar and can therefor not be bottled as Erste Lage which has to be dry – also Franz Proidl finally managed to bottle his 2013 grands crus in time. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. Proidl's fascinating terroir wines shall be reserved for all those real wine nerds who do neither fear minerality nor malo nor acidity nor originality. So welcome to Senftenberg, welcome to the kingdom of Proidlfranz I."

Jahrgang: 2013
Produkt: Weisswein
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Parker Wine Advocate: 93 RPWA
Klassifzierung: Kremstal DAC Reserve
Lage/Bezeichnung: Pfeningberg 1. Lage ÖTW
Land: Österreich
Region: Kremstal Niederösterreich
Rebsorte(n): Riesling
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Lage: Größe: 1 ha Sorte: Riesling Ausrichtung: Südwest Seehöhe: 240-300 m Steigung: 35 Grad Boden: Im Unterboden weiches, schiefriges Gestein, darüber eine Schicht Braunerde. Der Pfeningberg ist unsere östlichste und damit tiefgründigste Rieslinglage. Durch das gute Wasserspeichervermögen kann der Weingarten in den trockensten Jahren seine Vorzüge am besten ausspielen. Die Weine geraten dann kräftig, ausgewogen und im Vergleich zum Ehrenfels entwickeln sie sich rascher. (Quelle:
% vol Alk: 13,0
Potenziell allergene Substanzen: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Gelatine und Milch enthalten.
Warnungen: Der Konsum von alkoholhaltigen Getränken während der Schwangerschaft kann selbst in geringen Mengen schwere Konsequenzen für die Gesundheit des Kindes nach sich ziehen.
Hersteller: Weingut Franz und Andrea Proidl, Oberer Markt 5, A-3541 Senftenberg
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