Kistler Vineyards

- Notizen des Weinguts: „Kistler is a single clone chardonnay house...

One heritage Californian selection of Chardonnay planted across fifteen vineyards, from Carneros to Sonoma Valley, to the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast. From those sites we produce eleven vineyard designate Chardonnays. We are wholly dedicated to the ideal of wines of site. It’s an unparalleled approach in the new world.

...we also make a little bit of Pinot Noir.

Two heritage selections of Pinot Noir inform all of our Pinot Noirs. Originally hailing from a Grand Cru vineyard in Burgundy, we’ve been propagating these two selections for the last twenty-five years. They, like our Chardonnay clone are very low yielding, resulting in wines with a natural density and concentration of flavor, balanced by elegant natural acids and elevated aromatics.“


- DECANTER, Elin McCoy: „Legendary California winemaker Steve Kistler co-founded his eponymous winery in Sonoma in 1978 and quickly gathered a cult following for his rich, intense, voluptuous and oaky Chardonnays made using Burgundian techniques.
They influenced an entire generation of California winemakers, but the stylistic signature of these wines has evolved considerably since then.“


Weingut: Kistler

Menschen/Inhaber: Steve Kistler, Jason Kesner

Region/Ort: Kalifornien

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