Josep Grau Vespres Blanc 2022

Lust auf eine Alternative zu Riesling und Grünen Veltliner? 93 JoS, 90 Tim Atkin, Special Report Catalunya 2024
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Garnatxa Blanca aus dem Ort Marca, 350 m über dem Meeresspiegel; 4 Hektar, Lehm mit Verwittertem Granit und Sand; Handlese im August und September, die Trauben werden entrappt und im Betontank vergoren, der Wein reift dort für 6 Monate; 12,5 % vol.
Vespres = Vesper, das Abendgebet in der Kirche; nach der Vesper ist die einzige Zeit des Tages für die Mönche, um ein Glas Wein zu genießen. Der Wein wurde zu Ehren der Mönche, die den Weinbau ins Priorat und Montsant brachten, so genannt. Das Etikett zeigt einen typischen Kirchturm der Region.


- 93 Punkte JoS, Josef Schreiblehner: „Mittleres Strohgelb mit silbernen Rand; offen und zugänglich, mit fruchtig-würzigen Aromen von weißen Blüten, gelben Äpfeln, auch Limetten, würzige Anklänge, wirkt frisch und präzise, eingerahmt von dezenten nussig-röstigen Aromen, auch etwas gelbe Früchte kommen zum Vorschein, Pfirsich, Grapefruit; am Gaumen frisch und mit guter Säure, hat Frische, Zug, Präzision und eine tolle Energie, mundwässernd, dezent cremige Textur, mittlerer Körper, trinkt sich gefährlich gut, gute Länge, elegant, finessenreich und mineralisch unterlegt; öffnet sich immer mehr mit steigender Temperatur und Lufteinfluss, immer mehr gelbe Früchte kommen zum Vorschein; für mich am schönsten aus dem Burgunderglas von Riedel; passt gut zu einem Essen, eignet sich aber auch als Alternative zu Veltliner oder Riesling in geselliger Runde. 93 Punkte.“

- 90 Punkte, TIM ATKIN, Special Report Catalunya 2024: „100% Garnacha Blanca on decomposed granite. Fresh green fruits, citrus and a mealy, pastry-dough character on the nose , with gorgeous, bright acidity cuting through on the palate. Fermented and aged in concrete. 2022-2026“


- 91 Punkte JAMES SUCKLING für Jahrgang 2021: „Bright, mineral and elegant, with lime and green apple on the nose, following through to a full-bodied palate. It’s supple, pure and elegant with a taut texture and a phenolic bite in the finish. Drink now.“

- Notizen des Weinguts: „Aromas of apple, pear, white flowers, fennel and a light citrus background. We loved the mineral and herbaceous touches that appear in the back. It is a fresh, lively wine with a certain lightness and a very Mediterranean style.“

Produkt: Weisswein
Tim Atkin MW: 90 TA
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Land: Spanien
Rebsorte(n): Grenache blanc
Jahrgang: 2022
Region: Montsant
Inhalt: 0,75 l
Reben: Garnatxa Blanca aus dem Ort Marca, 350 m über dem Meeresspiegel;
Im Weinberg: 4 Hektar, Lehm mit Verwittertem Granit und Sand; im Weinberg ausschließlich Handarbeit, nach den Prinzipien des organischen und biodynamischen Weinbaus
Im Weinkeller: Handlese im August und September, die Trauben werden entrappt und im Betontank vergoren, der Wein reift dort für 6 Monate;
% vol Alk: 12,5
Notizen des Weinguts:

Vespres Blanc is one of the most modern and unique wines of the winery. Maybe because it ferments and ages in cement tanks, it makes it have a more special character within the range of wines we make. It is a Grenache Blanche varietal wine, the most traditional white variety in the Priorat area. It is a fairly discreet variety in terms of aromas, but it offers us a balanced and structured wine. In the region there is very little Garnatxa Blanca grape, and for this reason it is also so appreciated.
At the beginning of the 2021, we were all very attentive to the weather conditions and we were prepared at all levels so that there would be no setback. We came from a very complicated year 2020 due to the mildew plague that made production very scarce. After pruning, we burned all the vine shoots so that no trace of the previous year's disease remained. The first very remarkable event was the extraordinary snowfall that fell on January 9 and 10, leaving between 60 and 80 cm of snow in the vineyards. The region was isolated and completely white. We could not get to the winery and we spent 15 days observing a wonderful landscape. The years of snow have always given us wines that at the end have had an ethereal and magical dimension. This large reserve of water made the plants sprout strongly, and good flowering and good fruit filled us with hope. At the end of August we begin the harvest of the white grape vineyards of La Coma and Les Taules. Grenache Blanche in perfect condition entered the winery with extremely low alcohol content, probably due to the large reserve of water that the snowfall gave us. We expected a vintage with good production and good quality. From that moment on, an interval of brief, daily rains brings a lot of moisture to the vineyard and prevents us from starting to harvest the red varieties. Fifteen days of intermittent rain, in which the Seré wind blew very little and the typical thermal oscillation of the area was not noticeable. The grapes entered a more advanced phase and did not complete the ripening as we wanted. The problem of rotting was getting ahead day by day. There was no choice but to wait until we had grapes in the optimal conditions that we need to make our wines. On September 13, 14 and 15 we harvest the privileged vineyards of Les Casetes and Pas de l'Estudiant, with extraordinary conditions but a very low production. The old vineyards to produce La Florens wine, surprised us one more year thanks to their self-regulation in the face of adversity. Grapes full of fruit and fresh sensations arrived at the winery. For the rest of the wines, we intensify the selection of grapes in the vineyard and even more, at the entrance of the cellar. We were very rigorous in this regard. This inexorably led us to another vintage with little production. The wines that are now in the cellar aging, are confirming our thoughts. Wines full of fruit, subtlety and with an extreme elegance are coming.
It comes from a plot planted in Marçà, at about 350 meters above sea level and in a soil in which clay, decomposed granite and sand are mixed. The water drains naturally avoiding excess of moisture. It also receives the influence of the Garbí wind and the mineral and saline component is noticeable in the final result.
All work in the vineyard is manual and we do not use any chemical-synthetic product. Following the principles of organic farming, we guarantee the biodiversity of the area, the sustainability of the vineyard and the essence of its origin.
In the winery, we accompany the grapes in their transformation, but with hardly any intervention. We make an exhaustive selection before the fermentation process to ensure that only the healthiest grapes will be the ones that we will vinify. The grapes enter to the pneumatic press and after a long, very gentle program, the grape juice enters directly into the cement tanks. There it will ferment at a controlled and cool temperature to maintain the primary aromas of the fruit. Once the fermentation is finished, it is racked to remove the gross lees, leaving only the fine ones, which will add extra aromas to the wine, a silky texture and more structure. It will remain in the tank for approximately 6 months before bottling. Modern character, mineral and fresh. Very natural aromas of apple, pear, white flowers, fennel and a light citrus touch. We are captivated by its mineral and herbaceous touches that appear at the end. It is a fresh and lively wine, with a certain lightness and a very Mediterranean style.
Other information
DO Montsant
Location of the vineyard: Marçà – 340 msnm
General climate: Mediterranean with Continental influence. Humid wind Garbí from the
sea and Seré, coming from the inland.
Grape variety: 100% Garnatxa Blanca
Alcohol: 12 %
Production: 6.900 bottles (0,75 cl.) and 100 bottles Magnum (150 cl.)

Potenziell allergene Substanzen: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Gelatine und Milch enthalten.
Warnungen: Der Konsum von alkoholhaltigen Getränken während der Schwangerschaft kann selbst in geringen Mengen schwere Konsequenzen für die Gesundheit des Kindes nach sich ziehen.
Hersteller: Josep Grau, Orient 2, 43737 Gratallops (Tarragona), Spanien
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