La Pointe

In der Ausgabe von 1868 des wichtigsten Nachschlagewerks über Bordeaux Weine "Editions Feret" kann man nachlesen, dass Chateau La Pointe unter den "Premiers" gelistet war, wie Beauregard, Clinet, Conseillante, Gazion, L'evangile, Nenin, Petit Village oder Trotanay.

Chateau La Pointe gehört mit 23 Hektar Rebfläche zu den fünf größten Chateaux im Pomerol. Seinen Namen hat das Chateau von der spitz zulaufenden Form des Weinbergs, der am Eingang des Chateaus liegt.

DECANTER – Ten most improved Pomerol Chateaux (Okt. 2018):
"At 23ha, this is among the largest Pomerol properties – and has improved noticeably according to Strasbourg-based French merchant Stephan Maure. Since 2008, general manager Eric Monneret and technical manager Emilie Faniest have surveyed the soils and renovated the vat cellar.
Ably advised by Hubert de Bouard of Chateau Angelus in St-Emilion, La Pointe is better than ever. The good news for wine lovers is that prices have not caught up. ‘Our parcel-by-parcel work in the vineyard and vat room allows us to optimise ripeness and obtain better quality tannin,’ says Monneret.
Historically the vineyard was planted at a density of 6,000 vines per hectare, but in 2012, a programme began to increase density to over 8,000."


Weingut: Chateau La Pointe

Menschen/Inhaber: SCE Chateau La Pointe, Eric Monneret

Region/Ort: Pomerol

Betriebsgröße:  23 Hektar